Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Digital Business Cards

Will paper business cards ever be completely replaced by digital business cards?

Many companies are going green, going paperless, or have notices on emails "think before you print." Will there be a day when business cards become a thing of the past? Is it happening already. I've seen many emails where the signature includes a pseudo business card like design. Also, when you have an iphone, ipad, blackberry or regular cell phone that are capable of a large contact lists, there really is no need to carry a physical business card with someones contact information. If you are at your desk and forget a phone number, a simple google search will produce the # in a matter of seconds.

I've argued for several years now that phone books should no longer be handed out, why do you need a directory listing when you can find contact information quicker and easier on the internet. Also, a book printed once a year doesn't allow instant updates. If your business moves you can easily update your website with the correct information and send out a twitter update letting all your followers know.

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